Screwed Up Existence

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So i’m back at school, yaaay. NOT.

Hahaha it’s not too bad, I only have 2 subjects to do this year. Still it’s difficult to not have every day free to spend with my Bundy boy - his old owner might be coming down soon to see how he’s doing, hopefully it will be on the day of our gymkhana - our riding has improved so much :D

He’s been 3 days without oats now, so hopefully his attitude has retired, haha not that I should complain, he’s still an amazingly well behaved gentleman. 

Granted i’m not sure whether “neiiigh” is a yes, or a no - but it was followed by a nudge in the arm so i’ll take it as a yes. Gotta love having your best friend as your valentine (:

Mum is still pretty assdfghhjkasdsffh right now, but she’s apparently staying somewhere else from now on so it should get better. Until it gets worse, but i’m successfully not really worrying about that right now.

I haven’t seen Bundy in 39hrs. I CAN’T TAKE IT MUCH LONGER, BUT I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW. *SIGH.  At least my school folder/books are totally chockers with photos of him, so it’s a general plus to getting out of bed in the morning.

Anyhoo, I better be off to print some more photos and pick up my dog from the vet - she lost her womanhood last night, *shiver* 

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