Screwed Up Existence

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I love you Bundy .. and I am so, so sorry, that i’m not rich or knowledgeable enough to keep you in constant care and comfort. But I do love you, more than anybody else in my life, and I promise you I will always, always put you before any of my own needs.

Ours - Taylor Swift

My first horse video; I used footage that I took at my agistment ranch, Scenic Hills.

Honey Bee - Blake Shelton

A horse video I put together using footage of the horses at my agistment.

Everything You Do - He Is We

Another horse video (:

My own clips, mostly of my horse Bundy taken at Scenic Hills Riding Ranch.

You help me live- No,

You’re the reason I breathe;
your kind are the reason I was born, and you are the reason I know who I am.
I have hope because you showed me the paths I can take.
I dream of beauty because you showed me what it is to dream, and dream of true beauty.
I have purpose because you pushed me to know I have no limits.
I have unlimited faith because you gave me the knowledge of real trust.
I have the skills to do anything because you always have the patience to teach me.

I have the best love in the world because I found you.
I love you Bundy♥

It hurts so much that he loves the paddock more than he loves me;

all I can hope is that time makes our bond stronger

Just changed my url - vampiretricks has officially become horsetricks

I was pretty much trying to fool myself but my blog has become a horse blog, lets face it. 





Valentines shit up again

I have a gymkhana on Thursday - cannot freaking WAIT :D

Dear Females, Until YOU have gotten up at 4 am to go to a horse show after spending 9 hours at the barn the night before, you don’t deserve to wear these so-called “equestrian boots”. Until you know the pain of posting for 20 minutes without stirrups just to build your leg muscles up, getting dragged across a field, getting launched 10 feet through the air, getting smashed in horse trailers, and until you know the pain of several hours in the saddle working over fence after fence after fence, you don’t deserve to wear those stupid boots. AND, until you come home with hay in your hair and clothes, dirt on your jeans, hands, and face, and until you have ridden so much that you earn saddle sores on your legs or torn your jeans, STOP WEARING THOSE STUPID BOOTS. WE don’t wear them to look good - we wear them because we HAVE to. They HURT like hell, anyways and they are a PAIN to break in. p.s. Your so-called “equestrian” boots, yeah, they’re ugly.



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☐ Single.☐ Taken. ☑ I like horses.

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