Screwed Up Existence

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Nothing will ever come before you;

You’re my heart, my soul, my love, my passion.

You’re my life and I wouldn’t think to stop breathing for a fraction of a hoofbeat.

I was supposed to see my big boy today;

My pop decided I looked too sick and didn’t wake me up.

It’s now been three days since I saw him, I have to wait another two, long, miserable days and nights until I can see my gorgeous equine man.

He doesn’t realise i’d walk to him even if I were dying; the sniffles would never stop me.

Ours - Taylor Swift

My first horse video; I used footage that I took at my agistment ranch, Scenic Hills.

Honey Bee - Blake Shelton

A horse video I put together using footage of the horses at my agistment.

Part of Me - Katy Perry

A horsey video I put together using showjumping clips of the 2012 Camden Show (:

You help me live- No,

You’re the reason I breathe;
your kind are the reason I was born, and you are the reason I know who I am.
I have hope because you showed me the paths I can take.
I dream of beauty because you showed me what it is to dream, and dream of true beauty.
I have purpose because you pushed me to know I have no limits.
I have unlimited faith because you gave me the knowledge of real trust.
I have the skills to do anything because you always have the patience to teach me.

I have the best love in the world because I found you.
I love you Bundy♥

My school has recently made a point about the school carpark;

We are not allowed to take our cars, bikes, scooters or skateboards in there.

My new plan is to ride my horse to school.

Just changed my url - vampiretricks has officially become horsetricks

I was pretty much trying to fool myself but my blog has become a horse blog, lets face it. 


Watching a movie with an epic war scene


Then all of a sudden some asshole soldier kills a horse from the opposing side for no apparent reason

(Source: trustyourmechanic)